Betsy Stanford, who turned 107 last Tuesday claims that Guinness has helped her live a long and healthy life.

"I drink stout. It's good for you, baby!" Stanford said at her birthday celebrations last Sunday at the Wesley United Methodist Church in Northwest ,DC.

Stanford has developed a love for smoothies made with Guinness, the nutritional supplement Ensure, a drop of vanilla favoring and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

The lively matriarch who has lived in the District of Columbia for most of her life even has tips on diet.

"Juicy steaks , pork chops - as much as you want!" Stanford exclaimed. "Everything they say not to eat, I've been eating it since I was 45 years old."

The District resident was born in Jamaica on November 30th 1903. After she married she moved to Panama City with her husband and then went on to settle in the District in 1976.

Known as Aunt Mille, she has no children of her own but raised her great niece Michelle Thomas and her siblings and Thomas's father.

Stanford worked as a house-keeper in the Madison Hotel and also sewed and crocheted clothing. Her grand niece said she always had a least two jobs.

The lady herself says that another secret to a long life is hard work

"Go to bed early, get up early. Feel good and fresh and go to work on time," she said. “And don't leave without the boss's permission!"