1.The Daniel O’Donnell I phone cover

Give this to whomever you love most.

This magical item will surely guarantee that you outshine any other gift you intended recipient would receive. It can be yours for less than $20!

Who in Gods name doesn’t love Daniel O’Donnell?

Available from www.starsonstuff.com order now to get in time for Christmas.

2.The Christmas Jumper

The perfect Christmas gift for any person who takes this time of year seriously.

When considering which jumper to purchase ask the following questions: who are they aiming to impress, perhaps a grandmother, do they want to look good on the slopes?

There is even a sweater called the "Dougal". Ideal for any man looking to impress the ladies. $48

3. The Louis Walsh Cushion Cover

High quality throw cushion cover adorned with the loveable face of an Irish legend that is suited to any room in the house no more reasons needed to buy this really.

Available from www.starsonstuff.com $18.00

4. It’s the Cork Edition Monopoly board boy

The People’s Republic of Cork is joining a select elite number of regions in the world that have their own Monopoly board. Adorned with Cork landmarks like Blarney castle and the Shandon Steeple this is pure Cork like.

This will surely impress the langer in your life.

Amazon.co.uk - $43.

5. Voucher for Dance lessons

Now many Irish men are pretty much pro movers from an early age but this could always help hone those impeccable skills even further. Irish men can be seen tearing up dance floors, pints in hand on any given Saturday in any part of the world. A voucher for lessons would surely be a surprise!

6. Christmas pajamas for Doggie

If your friend gets into the Christmas spirit and decks the whole family out in festive outfits there is a possibility that they may just have overlooked one small furry family member. Christmas Pajama’s are the perfect gift as the family dog in Christmas gear would bring a smile to even scrooges face. And trust us dogs simply love to be dressed up in silly costumes.

Available on drsfostersmith.com for only $10.

7. The Best of Johnny Logan

Does your intended gift recipient like to keep up with emerging Irish music and new artists? How about reintroducing them to one of the greatest Irish Musicians off all time. After listening to this album they will one may experience the unexplainable need to burst out with “hold me now don’t cry” at random inappropriate times and may take to wearing all white pant suits but don’t fret that just shows this mans musical gift. These songs will grab you, stay with you, haunt your ears; your friend will love you!
A steal at $13.00 on amazon.com

8. An Irish peat turf fire DVD complete with incense

This will complete any Christmas party. This DVD of a fire, complete with crackling sound affects might I add (this aint no half assed fake fire DVD), will evoke memories of Christmases past spent round the fire exchanging gifts and telling stories. If nothing else this guy had a great business idea, start a fire, film it, sell it to people silly enough to buy it and Bobs your uncle.

Well I for one would want this in my stocking so I could stick it on in my tiny New York City apartment and feel like I’m back in my sitting room wondering why my parents…

9. Irish Farmers Calendar 2013

Did someone say hot Irish farmers in a useful calendar with proceeds going to charity? No, well trust us any Irish lady in your life will love this calendar as each month brings a farmer more delightful tan the last. Pictures of wild men of the land helping charity, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  $15.

10. The Instawatch

This is a clever gift for the tech loving hipster in your life. You simply choose a picture from their Instragam which they will have uploaded and have a watch made with said image in an instant! You could perhaps choose an image of their home place or family so that they can have them with them at all times. A seriously mega cool gift. $44.00