It was recently remarked that Irish news always relates back to the classic Irish comedy “Father Ted”. With the year at an end, we decided to reflect and see just how many stories can be expressed through scenes from the late Dermot Morgan’s hit show. You’d be surprised at how many we came up with.

The Irish government and the recession:

This hilarious scene could be taken as a metaphor for how the Irish government has dealt with the recession - they just keep banging away, trying to fix it, while the whole thing crumples beneath them.

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Nobody listens to Dana (if only):

Presidential candidate, Dana Rosemary Scallon, got herself in hot water when she claimed to be under threat from an Irish news source who would reveal scandalous information about her. If she hadn’t said anything during the RTE debate, her family secret might never have come to light. I bet she’s wishing nobody had listened to her now.

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The Dublin floods:

Water, water, everywhere. October’s floods caused significant damage to many towns around the country, and left Dublin city with a massive bill for repairs. Father Jack says it better than any other could here: “Feckin’ water!”

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The mayor of Naas’ racist remarks:

Fine Gael councillor Darren Scully came under fire after he told a local radio station that he would no longer represent people of black African origin in his constituency. A community leader making racist comments might fear that the locals would follow suit...that’s a familiar situation for Father Ted.

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Sean Gallagher’s money in the wrong account:

Presidential candidate Sean Gallagher had his own awkward moment on Prime Time when a woman in the audience slated his explanation of how a check that was supposed to end up in his company's bank account was assigned elsewhere. He should have tried Father Ted’s explanation; “Eh...the money was only resting in my account.”

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