Maybe you've always wanted to own a piece of the homeland but could never afford a plot.

Now you can.

An Irish developer is selling off pieces of land for $199 to the Irish Diaspora and the land is selling like hotcakes.

Ian Murphy, 27, from Dalkey, Co. Dublin decided to divide up a plot of land outside Kilmore Village, Co. Wexford, and sell it off square foot by square foot.

It is believed that the land is near the location President John F Kennedy's ancestors hailed from.

Murphy founded Celtic Plots with a schoolfriend Adam Fleetwood, 26, in July 2009 and so far it has been a success.

The purchaser of the land will get a certificate of ownership, detailed directions to the plot and an ordnance survey map identifying where the purchased lot is located.

"It's basically just a unique gift and ownership, in that you can say I own a little piece of land in Ireland," said Murphy.

For $199 the purchaser will receive a leasehold interest for 25-years which can be automatically renewed.

The land will be grazed and cut for hay each year.

Mary Williams, who is Wexford-born but lives in Atlanta, Georgia, in the U.S., will be helping to market the venture to Irish-American organizations.

"They are loving this idea, the Irish Americans," she said.

"They can own a little plot of Ireland at very affordable rates."