After suffering grave injuries in a serious accident Irish sculptor Stuart McGrath realized he would no longer be able to work on a large scale with stone and bronze. This influenced him to follow his true passion, designing fine contemporary jewelry based on the principles and craftsmanship learnt through sculpture.

His new line of jewelry available at is where you'll find beautifully sculpted jewelry taking influences from the natural surroundings, landscape, myth and culture of Ireland. Armoura produces designs that capture the spirit and imagination.

This new collection of stunning modern jewelry, references classical sculpture and incorporates symbolism fused with considered atheistic balance and physicality. The design focus of abstract forms and texture are crafted from gold and silver along with precious and semi-precious stones. The interaction between light and form allow Armoura's designs to dance, shimmer and glow.

As Leonardo da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Inspired by history, architecture and natural forms, his designs blend traditional and contemporary elements creating pieces that are classical, elegant and timeless. These fresh new designs are quickly gathering a large international following. Among Armoura's collections you'll find iconic pieces such as the Celtic DNA pendant and the Tracery pendant which have captured the imagination of many people around the globe and sparked a passionate following of Armoura's work.

The history of Armoura Jewelry lies with its founder, Stuart McGrath. From an early age Stuart was always sketching and modeling with clay. This strong creative streak has always driven him to fashion beautiful objets d'art. Having studied fine art sculpture in Dublin, he then travelled to London and Italy to study classical sculpture in detail. Stuart went on to a successful career as a master stone carver and sculptor, designing monuments incorporating ornamentation, typography and symbolism.

Armoura's designs retain much of Stuart's distinctive sculptural characteristics of weight, form and a tactile nature. "I believe that there is a synergy to creating any work of art, on one side you need an understanding of the materials and technical element of craftsmanship which in turn influences the design process. These two elements should balance the development creating a circle of design, material informs design and design pushing the craft.
Armoura's designs are distinctly Irish and you'll see and feel the resonance of the influences of Ireland and know that they are directly linked to the land and history.

All of Armoura's work is made by hand and Hallmarked in the Irish Assay office in Dublin, Ireland to assure you of its quality and purity. Armoura's distinctive jewelry with modern design and a rustic edge are memorable and personal, marking occasions in life that deserve to be celebrated and remembered.

Irish sculptor Stuart McGrath at workHandout