PHOTOS - Ireland’s top hilarious and plain strange road signs

A road sign from the Dingle Peninsula, in County Kerry, has won the Travel and Leisure contest for the funniest signs photo contest, and we’re not in the least bit surprised (see photo gallery above).

The winning photograph, taken in Kerry, is of a road sign warning of a steep cliff close to the upcoming road. However, what the very literal sign shows is a car going headfirst into the sea with an actual steep cliff in the background.

As the travel publication points out, taking photos of funny signs has become a pastime for vacationers and Ireland is certainly a paradise for these kinds of snaps, including strange warnings, road signs or signs that just do not seem right.

Other big winners in the contest included a sign next to water in Mystic, CT, which says throwing rocks will cost $0.50c each. Another in Beijing, China, shows a bunch of points all over a map confusingly telling the viewers “You are here”.

However we can proudly say that Ireland’s car driving off a cliff is officially the funniest road sign.

PHOTOS - Ireland’s top hilarious and plain strange road signs

Originally published November 27, 2012