This viral Reddit image conveying an "Irish American starter pack" is causing a serious divide.

How many cliché 'Irishisms' can you think of? We'll wait.

An image uploaded to the 'Starterpacks' sub-reddit claims to represent Americans who, sometimes infuriatingly or ignorantly, like to assert their Irish heritage.

The affiliation with Ireland isn't the issue that people tend to take offense with - it's the misjudged notions of what constitutes being Irish in this day and age.

 Here's the divisive image below - brimming with Baileys and Boondock Saints references, naturally. 

For us, the part that got the biggest laugh was the Ivory Coast flag used instead of the Irish one - sure signs of a novice "Irish" person. 

Here is what some Reddit users had to say:

We want to hear your thoughts - do you find this notion of what it means to be Irish offensive? Or can you laugh while you agree to cheers your pint with an overly-friendly punter at a bar who tells you (and indeed, anyone who will listen) they are fifth generation Irish with some O'Malley cousins living in County Clare.

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Let us know your views in the comments below. Are there other Irish clichés that grind your gears? We want to hear them!