US Ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney joined in on the Rose of Tralee tour fun when he was able to present to each of the American Roses a Certificate of Irish Heritage on Tuesday at the National Library in Dublin.

The Certificate of Irish Heritage is a Government document, signed by An Tanaiste, Eamon Gilmore, as an official recognition of a person’s Irish ancestry by the Government of Ireland.

It is a permanent reminder of the deep emotional ties which link the global Irish community.
While anyone can apply for a Certificate, the recipient needs to be of Irish descent and born outside of Ireland.

Roses who were representing such locales as New York, Boston and Chicago were among those who received the government document in Dublin.

Each Certificate is a personal record of the recipient’s Irish roots, showing the name of their Irish ancestors and the town or parish in Ireland from where they came. The certificate is a keepsake that can be passed on to future generations.

Ambassador Rooney said, “I am delighted to present the Roses with their official Certificates of Irish Heritage. I hope they will have a wonderful experience in Ireland and that each Rose will treasure this beautiful, permanent reminder of her ancestral links to Ireland.”

Oliver Hurley, general manager for the Rose of Tralee International Festival, Oliver Hurley, said: “For more than 50 years we have been connecting the global Irish community and we believe the presentation of Certificates of Irish Heritage to our Roses is an endorsement of what we are
trying to achieve each year.”

The Rose of Tralee International Festival kicks off in Tralee, Co Kerry on Friday, August 17th and will run through Tuesday August 21st. The lovely Roses from all around the world will be touring Ireland before landing in Tralee for the big celebrations.

Certificates of Irish Heritage are issued by the Government of Ireland, at a fee of €40 including shipping. The Certificate programme is managed on behalf of the Government by FEXCO. Some ancestor information is required to obtain the official Certificate. See for full information.

Annemarie Lynch, the New York Rose receives her Certificate of Irish Heritage from Mr. Dick Spring which honours her Ancestors Rose White from Mullahoran, Co. Cavan and Pat White from Lough Gowna, Co.Certificate of Irish Heritage Facebook