Gaelic Girl - Siobhan
I feel it is necessary to give my readers a little insight into who I am; some would even call this a forewarning.

1. My brain filters what I think, but then my mouth chooses not to listen.  

2. I am addicted to fashion, more specifically shoes and ALL forms of accessories (they really make or break an outfit).  

3. I put my side thoughts in parenthesis when writing.   

4. I love to write; I find it to be the more poetic expression of words.

 5. I have no "set" style, I like what I like (this is how I approach every other aspect of my life).  

6. Kim Kardashian is my fashion idol, and my fashion idol ONLY. 

7.  I am very open-minded, yet also very critical.

 8. I want to be great someday, not only in my achievements but also for the person I am and what I stand for.  

9. I notice everything; every inch, detail, and expression. This is a blessing and a curse.

10. If you ask for my opinion then expect an honest answer.  

11. Like mother, like daughter I am told (coincidentally , the Irish half of me).  

Now, one thing is for certain, the weather in Ireland is not the only extreme element an outsider will notice.  Irish fashion, in both women and men, is either ridiculously on-point, or, well, just not. Yes, fashion is subjective.  And yes, it is a unique way to demonstrate self-expression.  But, there are ‘Do's and Don'ts’ that must be strictly adhered to.  

For a comparison, fashionable Irish girls versus not-so fashionable Irish girls.  Your typical Irish fashionista is one that understands the value of less is more.  This applies to apparel as well as hair and foundation color.  

The first thing I always notice is quality.  For certain fashion items, it is not only necessary but ESSENTIAL to pay more for quality.  I love a good bargain, but I also know when it is worth my while to spend a little extra.  This pertains to fabrics such as leather, suede and fur. If you can't afford it, wait until you can.  You don't even need the real deal, just good knock-offs (story of my life).  The best places to find great finds here in Ireland are Zara and H&M. 

In addition to quality, it's all about how you "rock it," so to speak.  Do you walk with a little "swag" or "sass" in your step?  Confidence matters.  Always.   Half the time I may not even like what someone is wearing, but because of the way they wear it I feel compelled to admire it.

My personal favorite combination of fashion styles are rock with a bit of refinement and class.  Such examples would be an elegant top or dress with a hot leather jacket.  Or, something such as leather pants, a classy top and a fur coat or vest.  It just screams perfection.  Such is the current trend not only in Ireland but throughout the world.

The perfect ending to a perfect outfit is hair and make-up.  Contrary to what people may think, it really does matter. 

Now, on the other side of things, the following description applies to the over-eager fashion enthusiasts.
Matching too many different patterns and colors does not by any means make the contrast better, at all.
Teasing, or otherwise known as back-combing in Ireland, is the amount of volume girls hope to obtain by "ratifying" their hair.  However, bigger is not always better.  Hell, I'm all for voluminous hair, just not when it looks like a combination of a bush and a tangle of knots. No, no, and no! 

And yes, it is no secret to the world, Irish people are not the most tan of species.  It is no reflection of you as an individual (although most girls believe it to be), only the sun is to blame.  Even I, a halfie (Middle-Eastern and Irish), wish to be more tan at times.  However, few understand the value of moderation.

I too have difficulty with certain items in moderation, mainly, Coca-Cola.  Addiction does not even begin to describe it.

For my next article, you will find specific popular Irish trends as well some of my personal favorites.