Take our quick and simple quiz to discover your Irish brain power. IQ= Irish quotient

Give yourself three points for every correct answer--and no googling! Answers at the end.

1 What is the longest river in Ireland?
A River Shannon
B River Liffey
C River Boyne

2 In Irish history who made the famous comments “To hell or to Connaught”?
A Ian Paisley
B Queen Elizabeth
C Oliver Cromwell

3 What political party is in power at present?
A Fine Gael & Labour
B Fianna Fáil
C The Green Party

4 What river was the city of Cork city built on?
A River Lee
B River Boyne
C River Lagan

5 Who brought potatoes to Ireland?
A Arthur Guinness
B Donald Trump
C Sir Walter Raleigh

6 What is the most common meal in Ireland?
A Bacon, cabbage and spuds
B Pasta roma
C Guinness beef stew

7 Which of these three great Irish writers did not win the Nobel Prize?
A William Butler Yeats
B James Joyce
C.George Bernard Shaw

8 What do we have no snakes in Ireland?
A The climate is too cold
B St. Patrick banished them all
C We do have snakes!

9 What weapons do Irish police carry?
A Guns
B Batons
C Tasers

10 What is U2 frontman Bono's real name?
A Gavin O'Sullivan
B Joe Dolan
C Paul Hewson

30 Points - You’re Irish to the core--pour yourself a pint of Guinness
18-27 -        Very good, maybe a half glass of Guinness for you
9-18 -          Hmm not so hot, a wee drop of Guinness in a thimble for you
0-9 -            You’re English -- have some cider

***Answers:1. A, 2.C, 3. A, 4. A, 5. C,6. A, 7. B, 8.B,9 . B, 10,C.