You must have a higher IQ than these guys! - Still from one of the most hammed up Irish movies of all time "Darby O'Gill and the Little People"

Take our quick and simple quiz to discover your Irish brain power. IQ= Irish quotient

Give yourself three points for every correct answer--and no googling! Answers at the end.

1 What is the longest river in Ireland?
A River Shannon
B River Liffey
C River Boyne

2 In Irish history who made the famous comments “To hell or to Connaught”?
A Ian Paisley
B Queen Elizabeth
C Oliver Cromwell

3 What political party is in power at present?
A Fine Gael & Labour
B Fianna Fáil
C The Green Party

4 What river was the city of Cork city built on?
A River Lee
B River Boyne
C River Lagan

5 Who brought potatoes to Ireland?
A Arthur Guinness
B Donald Trump
C Sir Walter Raleigh

6 What is the most common meal in Ireland?
A Bacon, cabbage and spuds
B Pasta roma
C Guinness beef stew

7 Which of these three great Irish writers did not win the Nobel Prize?
A William Butler Yeats
B James Joyce
C.George Bernard Shaw

8 What do we have no snakes in Ireland?
A The climate is too cold
B St. Patrick banished them all
C We do have snakes!

9 What weapons do Irish police carry?
A Guns
B Batons
C Tasers

10 What is U2 frontman Bono's real name?
A Gavin O'Sullivan
B Joe Dolan
C Paul Hewson

30 Points - You’re Irish to the core--pour yourself a pint of Guinness
18-27 -        Very good, maybe a half glass of Guinness for you
9-18 -          Hmm not so hot, a wee drop of Guinness in a thimble for you
0-9 -            You’re English -- have some cider

***Answers:1. A, 2.C, 3. A, 4. A, 5. C,6. A, 7. B, 8.B,9 . B, 10,C.