The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers & Heroes Collection of Irish Whiskeys honors the émigrés of the Irish Diaspora that started in the 17th Century and continues to this day.

Today there are more than 70 million people of Irish descent in the world – with 40 million currently living in the USA.

In 1691, Patrick Sarsfield and his followers left Ireland in order to pursue their dream of freedom. After their defeat at The Battle of The Boyne, they were given a stark and immediate choice: live under British rule, or leave Ireland. Choosing to be free men and determine their own destinies, they took the name 'The Wild Geese', believing that their exile would be temporary and strategic, and that they would one day see Ireland again.

Tragically, Sarsfield would never return home, but The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers & Heroes honors the brave men and women who have left Ireland, seeking a new life. Their ability to overcome adversity and contribute to world events is the ever continuing story of The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers & Heroes.

This story spans hundreds of years, and has seen the Irish community integrating into communities all over the world. Their impact on world events is inspiring, especially in north America, where 50 million people claim Irish ancestry. You only need to look at prominent figures in North American society to understand the influence that Irish migration has had.

US President Barack Obama visited Ireland in May 2011 to trace his Irish heritage and celebrate the powerful relationship between Ireland and the US:

'This little country that inspires the biggest things – your best days are still ahead. Our greatest triumphs – in America and Ireland – are still to come'

Grace Kelly and George Clooney are amongst the many Hollywood stars who have a rich Irish ancestry.


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The epic and inspiring story of The Wild Geese can be found on YouTube, along with an in-depth guide to the differences in types of whiskey and guided tastings of this superb Collection. All of these videos can be found on The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers & Heroes' YouTube channel:

The story lives on. We are surrounded by contemporary examples of 'Men of Action', inspiring the same passion as Sarsfield and The Wild Geese, which propels them to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. The Wild Geese Irish Soldiers & Heroes recognises and celebrates these examples.

Wherever you are in the world, if you are of Irish descent, you are part of this story and entitled to call yourself 'Wild Geese'.

The amazing story of The Wild Geese has become an enduring legend.