Today marks the 92nd anniversary of the day Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins was killed in a 1922 ambush during the Irish Civil War.

Collins was Ireland’s Minister for Finance, one of the delegates to sign the Anglo-Irish Treaty, and Commander-in-chief of the National Army.

Here is a rare video of Collins on the day he signed the Treaty, or ‘his own death warrant.’

Most Irish political parties and citizens hold Collins in particularly high esteem, regarding him as much more than a revolutionary leader. More like a founding father, he is recognized for his significant contribution to the founding of the modern Irish state.

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On August 22, 1922 Collins set out in an open top car on a tour of West Cork, and though the exact details of his death are uncertain, he was shot and killed in Beal na Blath by anti-Treaty ambushers.

A picture of Collins sitting in the car just hours before his death was uncovered in a Dublin attic in 2012.

Here's an RTE documentary on Michael Collin's life: