A new video tells the story of Margaret Kehoe, a brave Irish nurse who was killed while trying to aid the wounded during the 1916 Rising.

Kehoe, born in 1871 in Co Carlow, was fatally wounded on April 24, 1916, in the South Dublin Union (SDU) (now St James’ Hospital) in the doorway of the Acute Hospital. She was killed while tending to Dan McCarthy, who survived.

Her.ie reports that while Kehoe was originally buried in the grounds of the SDU, her body was re-interred in the graveyard of St. Fintan’s Church, Ballinabranna, County Carlow.

Directed by Kate Dolan and produced by bigOmedia, the moving video, "Women of Ireland 1916/2016," was launched on International Women’s Day as part of a series of events celebrating the significant role women played in the 1916 Rising.

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The video compares the lives of Irish women then and with those of today.

“300 women participated in the 1916 Rising in a variety of roles, but many of their contributions went unacknowledged for decades,” writes historian Sinead McCoole. 

The extensive Women's Programme for 2016 includes a specially curated mobile exhibition; major digitization initiatives telling the stories of 1916's women; online exhibition on the role and impact of Cummann na mBan (League of Women); lectures, seminars, readings and talks; special exhibitions, new play commissions, music and dance performances; and a major national conference on Women of Ireland 1916 - 2016.

For more information on the Ireland 2016 Women’s Programme, visit Ireland.ie.