The first in a series from the Irish history podcast - this episode examines the roots of the Irish Famine from the rebellions of 1798 and 1803

The Great Famine is the most important event in modern Irish history. It changed Ireland, and indeed, the world forever. While one million perished from starvation and disease, our ancestors also struggled to survive. From rebellion to riots, evictions to emigration the Great Famine podcast series will bring you on a fascinating and vivid journey to the world of your ancestors in Ireland of the 1840s.

While Great Hunger began in 1845, its roots lie deep in Ireland's bitter relationship with Britain. This first podcast in the Great Famine podcast series looks at the roots of the Great Hunger through the life of one extraordinary Irish rebel –  Anne Devlin.

She lived a remarkable life and was involved in both the 1798 and 1803 rebellions. These reshaped Ireland and had profound consequences impacting life right up to and during the Great Famine.

Anne Devlin’s life also explains why sectarian tensions between Catholics and Protestants dominated life in Ireland, what the Act of Union was and why it was so important."

* Fin Dwyer Is a historian, author, and creator of the Irish history podcast. Over the last seven years, he has been creating free podcasts which makes Irish history accessible to new audiences. He has covered diverse topics from the Middle Ages to the modern history. He is currently focusing on the story of the Great Hunger. With over three million individuals downloads, the show is one of Ireland's most popular podcasts. You can find his podcast on iTunes.

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