A new video has been made showing the entire sinking of the RMS Titanic from start to finish. The time it took for the doomed liner to go completely underwater after hitting an iceberg was longer than you might think.

Four Funnels Entertainment, a games company, has created the real-time animation of how the liner sank, and the entire video is two hours and 40 minutes long.

It is all part of a game the company is currently working on called Titanic: Honor and Glory, which “aims to educate players and memorialize the victims and survivors of that dreadful night.” 

The creators of the animation wanted the recreation to be as historically accurate as possible. The video starts just moments the Titanic hits the iceberg, and captions pop up with information on major moments as they happened.

For example, the loading and launching of the lifeboats, Titanic’s communications with other ships, and the desperate actions taken by Captain Smith, the crew, and passengers are all noted.

There are even shots of the inside of the ship as it fills with water, and you can hear the haunting, groaning sounds of the vessel as it sinks as well as the screams from the passengers as it goes down. You will get chills watching as the lights go out and the liner breaks up and sinks quickly with roughly 1,500 people still on board at 2:20 am.

Rescue would not arrive for another hour and forty minutes.

Source: TheJournal.ie