Beginning your search for your Irish ancestors can seem daunting at first.

Many people initially only have a name, a vague address and perhaps a faded photo to go by but with the use of billions of Irish records online answer to all your questions are within reach.

Unlock your own ancestry with a DNA test

With billions of Irish records from and the breakthrough science of AncestryDNA, you can uncover details about your Irish heritage and find out how it all fits into your unique family story.

On Ancestry’s Irish collections page you'll find record collections, history, and genealogy resources to help you trace your Ireland ancestors.

In their Vital Records unit, you’ll discover moments that defined your ancestors’ lives – from births and baptisms to marriages and deaths. The Census Records can show you their family’s names, addresses, occupations, religious affiliations, and more. From the Church Records, you can learn new details about your ancestors’ parishes and congregations.

If you’re still not done you can delve into Ancestry’s Other Records and find a deeper context about the life and times of your Irish ancestors. These records include New York Emigrant Savings Bank, 1850–1883, Ireland, Lawrence Collection of Photographs, 1870–1910, and the Irish Canadian Emigration Records, 1823–1849.

* There are many paths to finding your family story. Whichever way you choose—tracing your family generations back with a family tree or uncovering your ethnicity with AncestryDNA—Ancestry be here to help you. For more visit

Unlock your own ancestry with a DNA test