I started tracing my Geraghty family history many years ago and was fortunate to inherit some old photo's taken in the 1920s and '30s by my uncle and aunts together with my grandmother, who had visited Ireland to see my grandfather's relatives in the West of Ireland.

The photos featured adults and children together with my aunts, uncle, and grandmother.

After much research and visits to Connacht, we managed to trace some of the "children" in the picture, who were by now retired. We took pictures of them together with our (then) children against the backdrop of the old homestead. 

My grandfather never returned to Ireland as was often the case and we subsequently found out that all of his nieces and nephews left Ireland and settled in America. One of them couldn't settle and return to Ireland to the old family homestead, married and they had their family there. 

On a later visit, we were most fortunate to meet his son and his family at the same location.     

This was primarily back in the late 1990s and I put it all together as family history and had some copies printed up to pass onto my immediate line of the family in order to share all that I had discovered over the years to the next generations. 

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