The most popular names for boys born in Ireland in 1911 were John, Patrick, James, Michael, Thomas, William, Joseph, Edward, Daniel, and Peter (check out the full list below). These ten names accounted for 60% of all male names in Ireland in 1911.

The most popular boy's name in Ireland in 1911 was John, with 13.9 percent of all males called by this name, according to Ireland's 1911 Census.

Amazingly, over 10 percent of boys were named Patrick. This means that close to one-quarter of Ireland's population was named John or Patrick.

As you can imagine, names in Ireland have gotten much more diverse in the last 100 years! If you look at the list of the top 40 Irish boys' names in 1911, you won't see any Conors, Seans, Oisins, Liams, Cians, Cillians, Darraghs, Fionns, Finns, or Rians.

The 1911 Census of Ireland 

The Census of Ireland, 1911 was the last census that covered the whole island of Ireland. Censuses were taken at ten-year intervals from 1821 onwards, but the 1921 census was canceled due to the Irish War of Independence.

The original records of the 1821 to 1851 censuses were destroyed by fire at the Four Courts in Dublin during the Irish Civil War, while those between 1861 and 1891 were possibly pulped during the First World War. All that remained were the 1901 and 1911 census, with the latter put online in 2009 by the National Archives of Ireland.

The top 40 Male names in Ireland, according to the 1911 Census:

  1. John
  2. Patrick
  3. James
  4. Michael
  5. Thomas
  6. William
  7. Joseph
  8. Edward
  9. Daniel
  10. Peter
  11. Martin
  12. Denis
  13. Richard
  14. Timothy
  15. Francis
  16. Robert
  17. George
  18. Charles
  19. Jeremiah
  20. Bernard
  21. Hugh
  22. Andrew
  23. Pat
  24. Henry
  25. Christopher
  26. David
  27. Owen
  28. Cornelius
  29. Maurice
  30. Philip
  31. Edmond
  32. Stephen
  33. Matthew
  34. Micheál
  35. Laurence
  36. Anthony
  37. Nicholas
  38. Mathew
  39. John Joseph
  40. Samuel

For more information, visit Ireland's Central Statistics Office's site.

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