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In terms of historical and genealogical losses, there is no doubt one of Ireland’s darkest days has to be June 30, 1922.

The Irish Civil War raged in Dublin and the anti-treaty forces had occupied the Four Courts on the quays of the River Liffey. As the national army (pro-treaty) forces bombarded the historic site, a massive explosion erupted in its west wing – home to the Public Records Office of Ireland at the time.

The resultant fire destroyed thousands of years of historical Irish records forever, making Irish family history one of the most challenging to trace today.

However, all is not lost and findmypast has created a unique online memorial to prove just that. Find out exactly what happened on that day, what records were lost, what survived and all of the great substitutes that are available for tracing your Irish ancestors. You’ll also find all of the most useful Irish records for building your family tree, together in one place.

This day 92 years ago may be seared in the mournful minds of Irish family historians forever but few realise just how many excellent resources are still available. The tragedy just means you need to be a little more creative in your Irish family history research.

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