joins The Genealogy Event in Adare, Co Limerick, from August 30 through to September 1, 2018.   

Whether you are Irish-born living elsewhere or are a few generations removed from living in the Emerald Isle, many of us hope of finding ourselves in an Irish space once more when we pass away.

Especially for grieving family and friends, the strength of Irish roots and Irish heritage continues long after death and that’s why online memorial service understands the importance of researching your Irish ancestry and knowing where you came from.

From August 30 through to September 1, 2018, will join IrishCentral, Ireland of the Welcomes and Irish Tatler for The Genealogy Event at the Fitzgerald’s Woodlands House Hotel in Adare, Limerick; an event committed to supporting research into your Irish ancestry.

Welcome to @irisheternally as sponsor to @GenealogyEvent in Adare and NYC. Look forward to seeing you next week at the conference!

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An ideal project for the digital-savvy younger members of the family, offers an opportunity to create an online memorial for a loved one who has passed away, bringing together the desire to create a memorial to honor a loved one with the uniquely Irish tradition of gathering together in times of trouble.

It’s the perfect place for relatives and friends to share stories and memories, and to offer comfort to each other, both immediately after the loss and for years to come. In fact, creating a memorial on is the perfect gift to mark a key anniversary, proving that memories really do last forever.

Irish people are famously proud of their heritage, and as well as offering families and friends the chance to create a memorial, gives the opportunity to bring a loved one back home to an Irish space once more, an Irish home for all eternity.

Have you or someone you know always dreamed of being buried in Ireland? Eternally Irish has a unique solution.

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“Eternally Irish gives families the opportunity to create a unique memorial for their loved ones, a place that people can gather to share their stories and memories and offer each other comfort in a time of need,” explains Tony Williams, the creator of Eternally Irish and the proprietor of Dignity Funeral Homes in Co. Galway.

“For a proud family with Irish heritage, this is a great opportunity to create a uniquely Irish space for a person who has sadly passed away. As it’s an online service, it’s an ideal project for the younger members of the family to take on, by both honoring the loved one who has sadly passed, and to offer comfort to the bereaved older members of the family.”

But that Irish space does not have to be virtual only. By researching your family roots and discovering where in Ireland your family hails from, you can arrange to bring your loved one back home to their final resting place.

The Eternally Irish service goes beyond a memorial. It can personally arrange to collect the ashes of your loved one from any location worldwide and bring them home to Ireland, capturing their return home in beautiful photographs or video. It’s a beautiful way to honor a sadly missed person, as well as offer comfort to a precious family member, by ensuring that they are on Irish soil once more.

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