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A Guide to Irish Churches and Graveyards, will be of particular interest to American researchers for whom a determination to find the last resting place of their Irish ancestors often represents the Holy Grail in terms of their research. The book is ambitious in that it ‘attempts to identify the location of all churches and graveyards in every county in Ireland’.

This book is also set out by county, and then alphabetically by civil parish. In this instance there are six columns: the reference number that corresponds to the entry in the Genealogical Atlas; the civil parish name; Townland, Town or Street name; Ordinance Survey 6” map reference; denomination of church; and whether a graveyard is present.

Taken together, this book, the Atlas and A Guide to Irish Parish Registers are a real time saver, enabling the researcher to accurately work from a civil parish,

  • To identify the corresponding denominational parish,

  • To see if records for this parish survive,

  • To find whether the parish has a graveyard associated with it, and

  • To locate what Poor Law Union it is located within.

Using these three guides you can pin down your ancestors’ place of origin in Ireland in the time it takes to brew a cup of tea.

The Irish genealogical landscape is more easily navigated with these three books as a guide.

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