FujiFilm has added an Irish language option to their digital printing kiosks around the world. In Asia, Europe, Australasia and North America you can now select to use the kiosks in Irish.

Throughout the world almost 80 million people are partially Irish. Surely some of them would rather use these handy printing kiosks in their native tongue whether then live in Chicago or Shanghai.

The kiosks also have an option for 18 other languages, but FujiFilm felt it was important to include Irish as one of the options. They said they are proud to recognize Ireland's culture by offering the Irish language option on its photo kiosks.

Kyran O’Kelly, Head of Sales and Marketing for FujiFilm Ireland said “With over 1,000 machines across Ireland, we felt it was important to show that Ireland is an unique and distinct market and using the Irish language on the digital photo kiosks was an ideal way of demonstrating Ireland's distinctness.”

Irish is the first Celtic language to be added to such equipment, although FujiFilm kiosks can also be used in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

In recognition of the its use of the Irish language, FujiFilm was recently nominated at the “Barr 50 Gnó le Gaeilge” (“Top 50 Business using Irish awards”) at the Mansion House, Dublin.