Imitation isn’t always the finest form of flattery when it comes to the Irish accent.

While the accent of Irish people is cited to be one of the most desirable and sexiest in the world, that certainly does not make it an easy one to nail when it comes to faking it.

The Daily Edge composed a list of five wildly poor imitations of the Irish accent. What do you think? Do you know another famous person who butchered the Irish accent?

1. Harry Styles from One Direction

One Direction, the X Factor rejects who were popular enough to secure their own record deal, have certainly set teenage hearts aflutter all around the world.

While bandmate Niall Horan, a native of Westmeath, certainly has no trouble with his natural Irish accent, other bandmate Harry Styles from Cheshire nearly never misses an opportunity to give the Irish accent a try.

2. Sallie Mackey of … YouTube

Ah, YouTube, the breeding ground and showcase forum for inadvertent embarrassing moments. Here, YouTube user Sallie Mackey posts a video of herself attempting to practice her own version of an Irish accent, and beseeching her viewers to help her out, but to also be nice in their critiques.

The video gained an impressive 256,150 hits to date.

3. Robin Williams in a stand-up routine

Never one to hold back, comedian Robin Williams reinforced Irish drinking stereotypes (as well as other nationalities) in this Broadway bit. Warning - foul language involved.

4. Marcus Davis, martial artist

Mickey’s,a malt liquor maker, asked martial artist Marcus Davis if he could put on an Irish accent. In short, no, he can’t.

5. Glenn Beck

While criticizing President Barack Obama’s trip to Ireland and his less than stellar attempt at an Irish accent (in front of Mary McAleese, no less), Beck himself proves that he isn’t much better at faking the famed Irish accent.

Glenn Beck speaking on "The Blaze"Google Images