A Dublin-based company is hoping that online support from Irish communities worldwide can turn their idea into reality.

The Sixsem Production Company has submitted an emigration-themed entry to the Arthur Guinness Projects, an initiative that’s looking to support and reward innovative and creative entrepreneurship.

Sixsem is proposing the installation of two ‘digital walls’ at Dublin Airport – one stationed at the departure gate, the other at the arrivals hall. Emigrants, immigrants and general passers-by will be encouraged to upload their thoughts, messages and opinions to the ‘walls’ via a smart phone device or from kiosks located nearby.

The ‘walls’ will serve as electronic sketchpads, message boards, guestbooks and diaries for patrons and will provide a continuous snapshot of a generation at a critical time for the country.

Company director Eoin O’Callaghan says, “In an airport, everybody has a different story to tell. Given the increase in Irish people moving about the globe in recent years and engaging in life-changing experiences, Dublin Airport is the perfect place to record the thoughts of those either embarking on a journey or returning from one.

“These ‘digital walls’ will also serve to trumpet the country’s continued success as a tourist destination by seeking the opinions of everyday visitors. The beauty of the project is that the contributors are also the consumers, which turns the traditional art-form on its head. At Dublin Airport currently, there are examples of Ireland’s proud past. Our project will facilitate what the present generation has to say.”

Members of the public have until 23rd August to vote for the idea and can do so via the following link.

The proposed digital wall in Dublin airportSixSem