What do you think about the picture above? Can you imagine this as a mosaic? Can you believe we can do this together? Because I can. Everybody is creative even if you don't think you are.
I have been creating mosaic portraits using ceramic tiles and eggshells since 2011. I have already created some unique pieces such as: A large image of  Phil Lynott using broken ceramic tiles on MDF board, an image of  Rory Gallagher on a guitar using eggshells and a world map on a tray etc. In my art life I always seek new challenges to improve my imagination and skills.
My next challenge would be to work with the public to create a mosaic which would cover an entire wall. The main theme would be Arthur Guinness and a pint of Guinness. The biggest piece would be Arthur Guinness surrounded by vintage style Guinness posters all made from ceramic tiles.
I will work with small or large groups of people to create separate pieces of mosaic from our big collage. I will give workshops  where I will introduce the correct methods for using different types of equipment and materials.  We’ll make individual projects such as Guinness posters and backgrounds and when we finish, we will put them together to form one piece of mosaic on a wall.
I want to involve community groups, individual people and tourists in this project. Anybody who feels passionate about art can take part in the project.
With this project I would like to demonstrate to people that art can be great fun but that it also takes a lot of passion and concentration. This type of creativity is so important.  I will bring people together to help them feel they can be part of something big and that they can create something beautiful for the future. I want to give an opportunity to people to create a beautiful mosaic they may not have realized they could do. Making mosaics is really fun and there is a magic in this process.

If you have a minute please vote for my project and we can create something together for a future.

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And check out the Arthur Guinness Project page here.

Guinness mosaic collage, including Arthur Guinness and vintage ads, made from tiles and eggshellsEszter Hatala