It's something we all do on a trip to the beach, skim stones.

It's fun, relaxing and passes away the time but on June 11 and 12, such a pastime will become a serious competition as people from all over Ireland battle to win the title of Stone-Skimming Championship.

The competition will be held in the scenic seaside village of Fenit, Co. Kerry.

It will run in conjunction with the new Fenit Seabreeze Festival.

Organized by HD Events, John Drummey of HD said, “One of the most common things that people do when they go to the beach is skim stones and we’re looking for the best stone skimmers in the country to come to Fenit to show us their wrist action on the beach,” said Drummey.

All ages are welcome to compete for the title. The event will start at midway on Saturday, June 12.

People will be divided into age categories including one for the over 60's- known as "The Old Tossers".

If Irish Central readers are going to be in Kerry during the weekend of June 11 and 12 visitors are encouraged to participate in the competition.

Entry forms can be downloaded from the

“The skimmers need to use locally-sourced stones which must skip three times for a valid throw, but they will be judged on the actual distance of the throw. Contestants will get three tosses with prizes in each category.

“We will have three judges and a fourth official on standby in case any of his colleagues are injured by a wayward stone. While the decision of the judges is final, contestants may need to mark their stones and retrieve them to settle any lingering disputes,” said Drummey.

“Depending on the success of the All-Ireland Stone-Skimming Championships, there could be an opportunity for the winners in the adult age groups to represent Ireland in the World Stone-Skimming Championships in Easdale, Scotland.

Skimming Championships to take place in County Kerry