The Gathering Channel has become an important feature of new online TV platform,, which has revealed that it has become the fourth most watched channel on its service beating traditional favorites such as 3e and TG4.

The Gathering Channel, launched a month ago, is a 24/7 channel available on the Aertv platform and The Gathering’s own website. It features content from real Gatherings around Ireland and from Irish stars who have been invited home to celebrate the year including Brendan Grace, Fionnula Flanagan, Bressie and Trevor Brennan.

Recently, Aertv reached a 2 million visitor milestone and is now Ireland’s largest and most trafficked online web streaming platform with help from The Gathering. The Gathering Channel streamed The People’s Parade live on St.Patrick’s Day proving more popular than RTE and TV3. It is just one of many live events planned between Aertv and The Gathering Ireland in 2013.

Aertv has seen a 30% increase in users since adding the channel, a worthy note to broadcasters that people still appreciate good Irish content. The fact that Aertv can distribute around the world is also a massive bonus.

The Aertv service, which launched just over a year ago, has brought close to 200 events live online and is leading the way in TV and Online convergence in Ireland. Unique exceptional events, such as The People’s Parade on St Patrick’s Day would never make it to traditional television but now they have a TV platform and a worldwide audience who want to see it.

Watch The Gathering Channel on here

Watch St. Patrick’s Day on The Gathering Channel here:


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