A former Playboy pinup, and the daughter of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, Patti Davis has posed nude at the age of 58.

Davis appeared in More magazine in celebration of having a body she is happy with. A recovering drug addict, she once said her body was “wasted, muscles thin and barely visible”.

She told More magazine: “I am proof that it isn’t that easy to die, because from the age of 15, well into my twenties, I was working on dying. Most addicts are.”

Now in her late fifties she says that keeping fit and healthy is still a priority, as natural as brushing her teeth.

“I risked everything in my teens and twenties. I risked my health and even my life. I got both back through determination and hard work. I’ve now learned to respect time as the precious commodity that it is, and I’ve learned to respect my body.”

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