I am a musician, a published BMI songwriter and a small business owner like Patrick Griffin in Rhode Island, who you reported was being sued by the American Society of Composers in your last issue ("Bar Owner Sued Over Songs.") I am sure Mr. Griffin is a nice guy, but he does not want to take responsibility for his actions. First, if you own a business it's your job to know the law and keep the required licenses. Second, if a company claims you own them money you need to engage them in writing and dispute the matter, not basically ignore it, or it may come back to bite you, as in this case. And thirdly, when a beer company supplies Mr. Griffin with beer he expects to pay them so he can legitimately make a profit from the beer. When the songs of a composer help to bring customers to a bar, why does Mr. Griffin expect that labor to go unpaid? Fintan O'Neill Queens, New York