<p><a href="http://norwoodstage.com/events/pauline-wells-home-for-christmas/"></h4> <p>Pauline Wells “Home For Christmas” </p></a> <p><strong>On Friday December 4th, for one night only</strong>, Pauline Wells is returning to the Norwood Theatre for her second Christmas concert. Very well known for her beautiful voice and many benefit concerts, the show will include a wonderful lineup of talented musicians and singers. As she does in all of her events, a wonderful charity, Cops for kids with Cancer will receive the proceeds of this very special night.</p> <p>A chat with Pauline</h4> <p><strong>IE:</strong> Pauline, thank you for chatting with the Irish Emigrant. You've had another busy year and you are very much in high demand! How do you balance your music and charity work with your full time role as police Lieutenant and your family?</p> <p><strong>Pauline: </strong>It's certainly a challenge!. Work is very demanding and my daughter Molly is so busy with school, dancing, swim team and softball. She became a black belt in Tae Kwondo in June and that is a thankful hiatus right now! Music is a different scenario completely and its complex because there are many types of performances. I sing at several meaningful events in uniform and enjoy all that this represents.Then there are smaller venues such as the Sisters of St. Joseph and their charitable cause, Bethany House. I enjoy these special charity and patriotic events. I can really concentrate and take my time while making sure to help to make the audience feel good about the moment and the cause.</p> <p>Charity concerts require an enormous amount of pre-planning: venue selection, musicians, production and sound, song selection and program, rehearsals, promotion and what to wear! I remain completely amazed to see my name on a venue and that people come to my shows! The big bonus for me is that the charities I have been so lucky to represent benefit and every effort is truly worth it.</p> <p><strong>IE</strong>:It has been said by many that you have a unique ability to reach each listener and that you can quickly change the mood from sentimental to funny in an instant. You seem to enjoy the rapport with your audience very much.</p> <p><strong>Pauline: </strong>I always want the audience to feel valued as I am honored to sing for them. I picture myself in their living room or kitchen and how I present on stage is exactly how I would be in their home. This helps me too because public speaking was always hard for me. Sometimes engaging with the audience can be quite emotional especially if I'm trying to convey a serious message in a particular song. I sometimes see people cry when a particular song touches them and its hard not to cry with them.</p> <p><strong>IE: </strong>You've also completed your 10th Pan Mass Challenge which is most impressive. So much of your work is for charity including your upcoming performance in Norwood. Why do you feel so compelled to help others always?</p> <p><strong>Pauline: </strong>If you think about it, how lucky are we, really? Look at Paris and the heartbreak that city has suffered. Our world right now is full of people battling disease, hardship, and personal difficulty.I am fortunate to be in a position where I can use my ability to bring awareness to an issue, or to ease the pain of someone who is suffering. That is really special to me. My police work lets me see quite a bit of hardship and tragedy also. I too, had my share of big bumps early in life and just feel that I am truly blessed. No matter how hard all this work is for me to handle personally, life is about "paying it forward." Isn't that what life is all about?</p> <p><strong>IE:</strong> You have visited Ireland 14 times! We know how much you and your husband Richard love Ireland Where are your roots?</p> <p><strong>Pauline: </strong>My mother's family Marie Fitzgerald, came from Cork. Her Dad emigrated to the US from Newfoundland after serving in the RAF in WWII. His family were "two trippers". Richards grandmother Margaret Killilea came from Mt. Bellew, County Galway and her husband Stephen Forde came from Sligotown County Sligo.</p> <p><strong>IE</strong>:“Home for Christmas” hosts a wonderful lineup of talented musicians and singers.Last years show was sentimental and amazing and you got fabulous reviews. Will the show be similar this year?</p> <p><strong>Pauline: </strong>Last year was my first Christmas show and it was was my hardest show to date. I think I was a little anxious. People loved it and I hope they will this year also. We have a great lineup of songs and a few surprises. As far as musicians, Devri who has done so many events with me brought in Paul Keneally last year. We also are very happy to be joined for this night by my good friend, the talented musical director from New York City, <a href="https://www.facebook.com/BrianBugsyMoran">Brian Bugsy Moran</a>. Norwood is a beautiful 700 seat venue. Their production team is top class and their sets are exquisite.</p> <p><strong>IE: </strong>Now we need to know where to buy tickets! </p> <p><strong>Pauline:</strong> Tickets for this show are available by calling the Norwood theater at 781-551-9000. You can also drop into the box office Mon–Fri 10am–12pm and 3–5pm. Tickets can also be purchased online at <em><strong>norwood</strong>stage.com.</em></p> <p><strong>IE: </strong>Thanks Pauline for sharing your time and talent with the Irish Emigrant. Congratulations on another great year and thank you for "paying it forward" in so many ways.</p> <p><strong>Pauline</strong>:I am very grateful for this opportunity and I want wish all of your readers, many of whom are already my friends, a wonderful Thanksgiving.</p><ul><h4 class='heading'>IrishCentral Community News & Events</h4><li><a href='https://www.irishcentral.com/topic/boston'>The Irish Emigrant - Local News & Events</a></li><li><a href='https://www.irishcentral.com/news/community/the-irish-emigrant-calendar-of-events'>The Irish Emigrant - Boston/New England Calendar of Events</a></li><li><a href='http://www.irishcentral.com/culture/community/IrishCentral-Community-News---Calendar-of-Events.html'>IrishCentral Community News - NY/Tri State Calendar of Events</a></li></ul>