It is the morning after St. Patrick's Day and your head feels like someone just inserted a buzz saw, and your body feels like its ready to heave any second. Is there a cure for this dreadful post St. Patrickus condition?

The British, surprisingly, have done the best research; then again, St. Patrick was actually born in Britain. Here is what the British Medical Journal reported in 2005 in their extensive survey.

Hair of the dog: Does not work. Those who drink the morning after are likely to drink two to three times more than average folk. IE they are alcoholics.

The more water the better: Dehydration from alcohol consumption is a known factor. Water helps cure it

A good breakfast: Can certainly help.  Eggs contain cysteine, which helps the liver breakdown the toxin acetaldehyde, a byproduct from the previous night's abuse.   Bananas replenish the potassium the body craves, and orange juice does hydrate.

Headache pills:  Aspirin is the best, especially taken before sleep can be helpful.  Aspirin, a blood thinner, helps your liver out

Coffee:  Coffee, a vasoconstrictor, can banish your headache by decreasing the size of blood vessels. Coffee can also make you edgy and is a diuretic, which means you become even more dehydrated. Not recommended

Good genes:
23 percent of the human gene pool has a natural resistance to hangovers, according to a study in 2008 in Current Drug Abuse Reviews.

And the winner is – Sleep:
Sleep is the best cure for a hangover; the body works overtime while you're asleep to rid itself of the toxins.