I’m not the biggest fan of “sexiest men” polls (they’re pointless, a waste of time, there are more important things to poll people about, etc. etc.), but I’ve noticed a change in the trend of what a “sexy celebrity” is, and I think it’s interesting.

The British version of Glamour just released their poll of the 50 Hottest Men on the Planet.

Surprisingly, none of the Irish regulars made the top 10 in the “sexy” poll. Colin Farrell came in at 17, while Jonathan Rhys Meyers clocked in at 24. Pierce Brosnan was nowhere to be found, while lesser known, but nonetheless gorgeous Irishmen like Cillian Murphy not so surprisingly didn’t made the cut either.

But guess who topped the list?

Why worldwide obsession Robert Pattinson, of course!

I, for one, am pretty tired of hearing/writing/talking about this guy, but I can’t ignore the fact that his name is EVERYWHERE.

It seems that the “Twilight” star himself doesn’t quite understand all the hype. Back when he was named People’s “Most Eligible Bachelor,” he asked the magazine, “What happened? It's like the face of what is attractive has changed. Girls used to want to see guys take their shirts off. Now it's, 'I
want you to bite me.' It's bizarre."

Rob has hit the nail on the head – there’s been a major shift in what’s considered “hot” in Hollywood.

Take Pattinson: he’s skinny, pale, a bit disheveled (remember he said that he looks like an old Irish drunk?), coy and mysterious.

Then we have the other frontrunner “hotties” who showed up in Glamour’s Top 10: Zac Efron and Chace Crawford, two more men with that young, somewhat androgynous, pale, skinny boy look.

Longtime favorites like Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt and George Clooney still show up high on the list, but it seems that readers (and mind you, Glamour’s readership aren’t the teeny boppers) have moved on from these hunky, big personality, “manly men” in favor of the Pattinson type.

Any theories on why this is?