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Sarah Palin came out swinging on Bill O'Reilly last night - and for the first time I could see what this woman has that voters find so attractive.

She swore, she let loose, she nailed some enemies. She came across as a real person, not a polished politician, but a person who, until very recently, was skinning polar bears or whatever it is they do in the wilds of Alaska.

Sarah Palin is a frontier woman, not the finished object by any means, not the smooth or manufactured product like many on the talk show circuit, but like Annie Oakley she can shoot straight.

In Bill O'Reilly she had the perfect foil. O'Reilly loaded the gun and Sarah shot it. The media? she accused "political establishment reporters" of trying to "gin up controversy and spin up gossip. The rest of America doesn't care about that kind of crap," she fired.

Nice one. How many people actually feel that way about the press but would never put it so bluntly in case the press bites back? Try every mainstream politician.

President  Obama? "There is an obvious disconnect between President Obama and the White House, what they are doing to our economy and what they are doing in terms of not allowing Americans to feel as safe as we had felt."

What she is saying is true for many Americans who do feel that disconnect and sense it every day of their lives.

Reports that she didn't know the difference between North and South Korea? A "bunch of B.S. from Schmidt and some of those." Schmidt is Steve Scmidt, former handler for John McCain and Palin's sworn enemy. You have to love her honesty.

I found myself liking Palin and her line of attack. She still has a certain innocence about her - she is still very new on the political stage and it comes across as not manufactured or affected.

Sure, she may be a bitch on wheels for all I know, but I know she makes for compelling viewing.

She was lucky she made her Fox debut with O'Reilly. There is no one better to ease a newcomer through those awkward moments. I think they would make an amazing duo together on talk TV.

Would I want her as my Vice President? Probably not, but as talk show host and straight shooter she's great.