The politics of immigration reform just got a lot dirtier, but it is Republicans who will end up wallowing in the mud.

William Gheen, head of American for Legal Immigration one of the main anti-immigration reform groups, has stated that Lindsay Graham, the only Republican who supports comprehensive reform, is gay and that may be the reason he is favoring immigration reform.

The logic behind that is stunning. It somehow tries to connect someone's sexuality to their position on immigration reform. It is like saying earthquakes are connected to the weather.

Gheen has declared open season on Graham, but he may be surprised about who is forced out of the closet as a result.

This is a war and there are no doubt several Republicans deep in the closet who must now be quite fearful that their names will surface in this latest witch hunt.

It is clear to any reasonable person that a person's sexuality has nothing to do with his political beliefs . Except William Gheen of course. Even Lou Dobbs who has learnt some sense on this issue has now called on Gheen to resign.

For the sake of decency, let's hope he does.