Yes, children Sarah Palin really can become president of the United States.

Take a look at yesterday's CNN poll.

It shows Mitt Romney just three points ahead of Irish American Palin right before the kickoff for the 2012 republican nomination which begins the day after the November mid-terms.

That three points is within the margin of error.

It is also within the margin of error of those pundits who say that Palin has no chance to be selected.

They are dead wrong and this poll bears that out

This poll says otherwise, as do a slew of results, including last week's primary in Colorado which showed the grassroots activists in the party are not going to settle for the status quo and whoever head office is pushing.

That is bad news indeed, for Mitt Romney who is the anointed one.

He is a very skilled politician, who was an excellent governor of Massachusetts and did an amazing job with the Olympic Winter Games in his native Utah.

By right he should be the front runner.

But he's stuck in neutral, not ever drawing the kind of love from the grassroots that Palin can engender just by showing up.

Americans are mad as hell over what has happened to their economy and that throws the 2012 race wide open at this point.

Palin has a realistic shot if she decides to run.

Right now she'd be my favorite to win the Republican nomination.

I've written this before and now the CNN poll bears it out.

In this current deeply unsettled political climate President Palin is not far-fetched at all.

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