Megyn Kelly

Irish Americans hoping for a new kindred soul on the Fox Network in Megyn Kelly may be disappointed.

Sure, she is Irish American but the kind of lace curtain, Brit-loving type that calls her newborn child Thatcher (I kid you not) after Irish America’s most hated woman.

She has another son or maybe its a daughter, called Yardley so clearly aping the British upper classes is a clear ambition.

She is not exactly the kind of Irish American proudly reaching back to her roots and liable to call her kid Conor or Molly I would think.

She is being brought in for one reason and one reason alone. While Fox
continues to dominate the cable network ratings its audience is growing older by the day

As the New York Times wrote on Friday “of late its audience has aged upward, losing ground among the viewers most news advertisers seek to reach, those between the ages of 25 and 54.”

It is a predictable ploy by Fox maestro Roger Ailes to cure what is ailing Fox-- its age demographic.’

Also, frankly, Sean Hannity has nothing new to say.

He climbed on to the lap of every right wing celebrity (Dick Cheney and  Sarah Palin interviews were particularly embarrassing) and he always seemed a One Note Johnny.

Bill O’Reilly in the other hand is  far less predictable and you will always tune in to see if one of those surprise elements will pop up.

Kelly at 42 and looking much younger than that, is a natural for the new Fox. Rupert Murdoch and Ailes were never anything other than a ruthless combination when it came to safeguarding profits.

They ditched Glen Beck when he became an embarrassment and now Hannity is being not so gently shown the door and forced back to what seems to be a 7pm time slot.

As for Kelly it will be interesting to see how she fares. She did a very embarrassing Howard Stern interview some time ago, she has a child called Thatcher. Two strikes or just juvenile mistakes?
Time will tell.