Former PM Tony Blair and media mogul Rupert Murdoch

Tony Blair seems an unlikely sex scandal subject, but that is exactly what the Daily Mail and other British newspapers are alleging.

Even juicier the cuckolded husband is allegedly Rupert Murdoch, whose wife Wendy allegedly has been enjoying a tryst with Blair.

Murdoch’s tabloids have always used such scandals as grist to their mill and spared no one. Now the shoe's on the other foot.

Murdoch is known as the “Dirty Digger” in Britain, where his newspapers specialize in dirty laundry of famous couples – not to mention unlawfully taping famous people and even families whose children have been kidnapped.

Now it appears Murdoch, 82, sees himself as one of those hapless husbands betrayed by another man and his wife

The Mail reported that Blair, who has always spoken of his deep religious convictions and his love for wife Cherie, has spent numerous nights with Wendy, 44,who Is almost forty years younger than Murdoch and may have been feeling frisky, even though Blair is no spring chicken at 60.

The Mail reported that Blair and Wendy overnighted at Murdoch’s California mansion including weekends in October 2012 and April 2013 and other weekends in London and New York.

Blair, who converted to Catholicism soon after the end of his political career, is denying it was anything but platonic friendship but the knives are out, especially for Murdoch among the numerous media enemies he has made.

Murdoch is said to be furious at Blair, who he supported during his time as Prime Minister, but there seems little he can do.

Meanwhile, the British and millions of others are enjoying the delicious spectacle of the man who made so many lives miserable with his muck-raking covered in mud himself.

What goes around comes around it seems