The just released chapter in the Murphy Commission report on abuse in the Dublin archdiocese on abuser priest Tony Walsh reveals in horrific detail how the Vatican covered up for the man the Murphy Commission described as the worst abuser of all.

It also described how the Archbishop of Dublin, Dermot Ryan, wrote a strong letter of approval for Byrne despite knowing he was a dreadful pedophile.

It is hard to fathom the incredible cover up of a depraved monster and why, even now, some priests who knew but covered up, are not prosecuted.

As for Walsh he recently got a 16-year-sentence-- way too short for a man who should never see the light of day outside a prison in my opinion

The Commission of Inquiry concluded that Walsh was allowed abuse young children in the 70s 80s and 90s even though the church knew all about him.

He abused one seven year old by tieing him down on the altar with ropes from his vestments and raped him, playing Elvis Presley music to drown out his screams.

The first charge against him was made just days after he was named a parish priest in Ballyfermot, a working class Dublin suburb, but nothing was done

Walsh was permitted to practice even though an official report by the Archdiocese in 1988 describes him as 'a very disturbed man who is always going to be dangerous.'

Archbishop Dermot Ryan knew all about by 1984 but did nothing , except move him from parish to parish and write him a letter of recommendation.

He even won fame as a 'singing priest' one of a group of young priests who performed concerts for charity

The Church authorities eventually sent him sent him Britain for treatment. The report there said Walsh was 'a very disturbed man' who 'is always going to be dangerous' and 'could not be let near schools, children, confession etc.'

Despite that he continued to serve.

Finally, When Archbishop Desmond Connell took over he demanded that the Vatican defrock him but they refused,sending him to a monastery instead.

The report shines alight on a deeply depressing and horrific moment in the history of the Irish church. Suffer little children, gets a whole new meaning.