Mitt Romney
Two Irish Americans are among the top contenders to be Mitt Romney’s running mate in the upcoming presidential election.

Paul Ryan, the Congressman from Wisconsin, who has created the Republican budgetary strategy, and Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, a Notre Dame graduate, are considered in the top five choices.

Both are Irish Catholics which would help Romney with those religious groups that still doubt his Mormon faith.

McDonnell (57) was born in Philadelphia, the son of Emma B. Meta (née Meiller) and Lt. Col. John Francis McDonnell.

 McDonnell attended Notre Dame on an ROTC scholarship, graduating in business in 1976.

 Paul Ryan (42) was born and raised  in Janesville Wisconsin, the youngest child of Elizabeth A. "Betty" (née Hutter) and Paul Murray Ryan, a lawyer.

He is of Irish and German ancestry. Ryan is a fifth-generation Wisconsin, and Janesville native, and a great-grandson of Patrick William Ryan, who founded Ryan Incorporated Central, a construction business, in 1884.

Front-runner for the job remains Marco Rubio the Florida senator who is seen as helping Romney with the Hispanic vote.
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