Utter heartbreak and horror felt in Newtown - before more innocent
chidlrern are murdered gun laws in the US must be addressed

Lunatics with guns have gone berserk in America and must be stopped.

How many deaths does it take to ignore that too many people have died?

Another day, another maniac running loose this time shooting innocent children at the very dawn of their lives in Newtown Connecticut.

Yet there are those who will defend ownership of the weapons including a high powered rifle by this crazy loon.

It can not be defended nor should it be. The framers of the constitution made a horrible mistake when they wrote the Second Amendment leaving it open to the interpretation that every lunatic alive in America has the right to a gun.

It is ridiculously easy for mentally disturbed maniacs to purchase guns in this country and it is time it stopped.

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It is time that President Obama stepped up the plate, whatever the political consequences, and told the obvious truth.

He like every other major politician has been frozen in the headlights of the National Rifle Association on this issue.

Only a rare politician like Michael Bloomberg, New York Mayor has had the moxie and the money to challenge them.

It is time for Obama and all legislators to face down the gun lobby and bring common sense back to the table.

The bodies of the dead children in Connecticut will haunt them until they do.

There are far too many guns in our society and it is far too easy for lunatics to purchase them.

And no, I don't want to hear the weasel arguments about how if only criminals have guns, crime will skyrocket. What is happening now is mass slaughter of innocents from nursery schools to shopping malls to movie theaters.

The macho posturing of the gun lobby has to stop and a rare concept of decency and reality must creep in.

They cannot keep defending the indefensible just so gun manufacturers can post big profits and keep the rest of the country in a state of permanent fear.

It is past time for action or do we want the blood of more murdered children on our hands?