It is Halloween so we should not be surprised to see a politician rise from the dead.

It just seemed a few months ago that Tom Tancredo gave up his House seat and vanished into well-deserved obscurity.

Now he's back.

Tom Tancredo, the most anti-immigrant congressman of the modern era is within three points of becoming Governor of Colorado according to the latest opinion poll.

Running on the Constitution Party line, Tancredo has benefitted from the complete collapse of the Republican Party candidate and an angry mood among voters.

But do Colorado voters know what they are letting themselves in for if they elect Tancredo?

The Arizona immigration controversy will be like a minor tea party -- excuse the allusion-- if Tancredo wins.

He is a as close to a racist and know nothing on immigration as makes little difference.

Sure he clouds it with references to illegals and the rest, but make n mistake about it Hispanics will not be welcome in Colorado with this man as governor.

The Irish Lobby on Immigration Reform found Tancredo by far the most bitter and unreasonable of any politician they sought to lobby on the issue of immigration reform.

Just imagine him as governor.

He will be extraordinarily divisive and will reflect very badly on Colorado, a state with a very large Hispanic population.

So Colorado citizens be warned.

This guy will spell trouble if he is elected to office.

I daresay he will be the most controversial governor in the state's history.

Bad move if they elect him.