President Obama and Mitt Romney

The speech on guns neither Obama nor Romney will ever give - Not facing down the gun lobby is the real cowardice for politicians

My fellow Americans. Something has gone badly wrong in our country. We are seeing more and more senseless killings, more mass murders happening when deeply unstable people open fire on innocent Americans.

Colorado is just the latest example of this madness where a deeply disturbed man had access to major weapons and used them to fire on innocent people, men women and children. He killed 12, injured 58 more including a 4 month old girl. Enough is enough.

I’ve had enough of the Gabbi Giffords, of the dead children, of the grieving parents. It is time to call a halt to this madness.

The reality is that guns are far too freely available in our society. In Europe and other places where guns are not so freely available no such violence occurs.

Guns in our country killed 8,875 people in 2010, latest year I have figures for, with weapons.

The number of homicides in Britain in the same year was 600.

The difference is clearly that the British public does not have the unfettered access to weapons that we have here.

I will dispense with the weasel words and the lack of real action on the issue. We need far stricter gun laws to ensure that innocent people are kept safe.

I have nothing against those who wish to hunt or carry a weapon for personal protection but everyone must undergo strict background checks, have no more than one weapon and let us ban these ridiculous semi-automatic rifles that can kill dozens in seconds like what happened in Colorado.

This clearly mentally ill man bought 6,000 rounds of ammunition on the Internet--legally. How insane is that?

The gun lobby has a responsibility not just to the gun manufacturers but to the citizenry too to ensure that all sane and reasonable precautions be taken to ensure that lunatics don’t have guns.

My fellow Americans, let this Colorado gun massacre of innocents be the last time we will come together and grieve in such a fashion.

By direct and immediate action we can look into our children’s eyes and tell them that we are doing all we can to keep them safe.

As New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg stated “Maybe it’s time that the two people who want to be president of the United States stand up and tell us what they are going to do about it,”  “because this is obviously a problem across the country.”

Indeed it is and I accept that. Be safe my fellow Americans, that will be a major priority of my term as president.