1. Money -- he can spend a billion or so and not miss it to much.He claims he is worth $7 billion.

2.Weakness of the GOP field. Mike Huckabee is leading most polls for heaven's sake and he is likely not running

3.Media coverage.They can't get enough of the guy and whether you think it like watching a car crash or the smartest guy alive people keep tuning in

4. Name recognition; How many millions will Tim Pawlenty have to raise to make himself as well known

5. Great media performer. Say what you like but the Donald understands how to sell himself better than any man alive

6. Best advisers money can buy. He can spend spend spend and get the best people around him.

7.Simple messages well delivered. It is what the modern era is about, good and bad, darkness and light, Trump has a villain and a hero (himself) for every story.

8. Links to powerbrokers. Trump knows everyone important on Wall Street and in real estate and can raise more money in a flash

9. Obama's weakness. If economy and gas prices continue to go south the incumbent is in big trouble

10.Weakness of the other Republican candidates. Trump is a skilled debater and can win the debates with sound bites