Tara Driscoll the Irish American teacher in New York who is accused of raping her 16-year old student is guilty of stupidity not rape.

The boy was within months of being the legal age in New York of 17 and would have been legal age in dozens of states.

I also firmly believe there is a difference between a 33-year-old female and a 33-year-old male carrying out that same act.

There are deep biological differences between the sexes girls and boys.

Boys are hardwired from their early teens to seek to procreate.

Sex becomes an all-abiding search for knowledge and the curiosity is intense

An older woman is seen as a divine way to begin the understanding of that process.

There's even a great movie about it, 'The Graduate.'
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Young men were all looking for a Mrs Robinson around that time I remember.

Not for nothing did lords and nobles in London in times past send their sons to hookers to become properly initiated in the art of intercourse.

This young man just experienced what every 16-year-old boy would fantasize about at one time or another.

I just don't go for the political correctness that he was raped because he was a few months underage,

i think Driscoll seems like a sad case, a woman who had alcohol problems and had been transferred from her teaching job months earlier.

But do I think she was a rapist? Not at all. Troubled, stupid and guilty of bad judgement yes.

But no, not a rapist.

The young man will probably end up bragging about his experience in years to come-- that is the way of the world folks..