You know its getting serious when Sarah Palin is being urged to run for president -- by a leading Democrat.

Donna Brazile was Al Gore's campaign manager and is a prominent figure in the party. As an African American woman she carries considerable clout.

Her column today makes some very interesting points.

Four of out ten Republicans are unhappy with the candidates so far -- that gives Palin a huge opening.

Also, Palin can jump in at any time due to her great name recognition, something not enjoyed by any other would be candidate at this point.

Brazile also points out that Palin is a lot smarter than she is portrayed as.

Her decision to take a low profile after her gaffe on the Gabby Giffords shooting in Arizona is just one example.

These brief periods of anonymity give Palin power presence when she decides to re-emerge.

The media cannot get enough of her. The mad rush over her e mails when governor of Alaska is just the latest example.

So she can command at the bully pulpit at any time and she can dictate most of the coverage by insisting on who she allows to interview her.

With the economy looking like it is heading south again, Palin is in an enviable position.

She can outlast the current crop of contenders who are not impressing anyone and jump in this fall right when the media coverage begins to peak.

No prizes for guessing who gets the lion's share of coverage if she does.

She is also battle tested in a way she never was last time she ran. She has the high ground if she wants it.

Brazile is right-- Palin could still change this presidential race