Sarah Palin has jumping feet first into the Arizona furor over the new immigration law which makes it legal to stop suspected illegals without probable cause.

It is the latest move by the former Alaska governor to endear herself to the right wing of the Republican Party and the Tea Party.

Palin appeared with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer at a campaign event in Phoenix on Saturday.

She called for full acceptance of the new law

"It's time for Americans across this great country to stand up and say, 'We're all Arizonans now,'" Palin said in Phoenix on Saturday. "And in clear unity we say, 'Mr. President, do your job -- secure our border."

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.) has launched a new site in support of the law called, funded by "Governor Jan Brewer 2010,"

Palin said the site can be a "valuable tool"

"Now, this state has enacted a law -- it mirrors the federal law, which asks police to ask those they've otherwise have stopped to provide a driver's license or other verification of legal presence," Palin said. "While Mexico's president has begun to crack down on the violent drug cartels and corruption in his own country, it's time for the United States government to enforce the rule of law, as well."