Looks like Sarah Palin will be accompanying daughter Bristol when she moves to Arizona shortly.

Examiner.com is reporting that the Palins have had enough of snowy Alaska and long for the sun and good life in Arizona.

Bristol has already bought her house there and Sarah is said to be planning to move soon after.

A source told Robotceleb.com that “Both Sarah and Bristol are millionaires and have had enough of Alaska.” They go on to say that Both Sarah and Bristol raved about the sun and great weather in Los Angeles where Bristol Palin recently lived while appearing on the hit show Dancing with the Stars. Bristol Palin is planning on enrolling at Arizona State University in the fall."

It is ironic that Sarah will be ending up in the state where her presidential candidate running mate hails from. If Sarah had lived in Arizona in 2008 she could not have run for VP .

There are no ties that bind Sarah to Alaska any more and she will surely prosper in the warmer climate and with far more ease of travel to states like California, not to mention, early primary states in the Midwest and East Coast.

Bristol is apparently set to attend Arizona State University -- one of the great college party schools. Let's hope there isn't another little Palin on the way sooner rather than later. Mama grizzly would not be impressed.