Just when you thought American politics was getting back to some real bipartisanship and progress...

Rush Limbaugh among others is calling again for Obama to produce the long form of his birth certificate to prove he was born an American.

The right wing web was aflame yesterday with stories that Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie had not found the version of Obama's birth certificate , though Abercrombie himself had said nothing on the topic.

It is the kind of issue that will doom Republicans in 2012, a relentless drumbeat of lies, speculation and pure fantasy.

Back in the Clinton era it was who killed Vince Foster, a tragic figure who committed suicide.

Clinton used those crazy tactics to forge two successful runs at the presidency.

Obama should do the same now, corral these conspiracy theorists especially Rush Limbaugh, as the intolerant face of the Republican Party as he heads into election 21012.

The drum roll of verbal diarrhea from Limbaugh is nothing new of course, the four times married, prescription pain killer drug addled paragon of perfection presumes to lecture all Americans on morality and proper behavior.

It is a sad reflection that after the Gabbie Giffords shooting that he and his fellow pundits are back beating this dead horse one more time.

Shouldn't we all just move on?