Rush Limbaugh has decided to go after Bill O'Reilly in his ever increasing efforts to wipe out anyone who disagrees with his 'sky is falling' take on America right now.

Limbaugh mocked O'Reilly on his show, trying to imitate him and stating that O'Reilly refused to condemn socialists.
Limbaugh stated, imitating O'Reilly, that Socialism should be given 'a fair shake' and that he (O'Reilly) didn't like Obama bashing.
Limbaugh stated O'Reilly did not seem to care that Obama was causing "the destruction of the country."
For his part O'Reilly easily parried the Limbaugh remarks, probably quite happy that Rush had taken a shot. He knows that must mean O'Reilly is starting to goad Rush quite a bit with his more moderate line in recent times.
O'Reilly stated quite simply ' personal attacks are useless" and ' name calling gets us nowhere' and he refused to call Obama a socialist, playing a clip from his interview with him on the campaign trail in 2008 where he challenged Obama on that very point.
Bottom line? O'Reilly is coming out of all this much better than Limbaugh who is increasingly sounding like a broken record. O'Reilly knows Americans want these problems solved and do not want a war of hateful words. Limbaugh should learn that lesson too