Fox owner Rupert Murdoch has issued his own Tea Party manifesto.

Speaking earlier this week he said he did not think Fox News "should be supporting the Tea Party."

So now it seems the romance might have faded for Fox News and the Tea Party.

The fair and balanced news channel is practically falling over itself to put quite some distance between Fox and the Tea Partyers.

Thursday the channel pulled mega conservative host Sean Hannity from a well-publicized spot at the Tea Party convention in Cincinatti.

Hannity was supposed to broadcast his show Thursday night from the rally but he was pulled out at the last minute.

The honchos at Fox said they had to pull Hannity out when they learned the rally organizers were charging the audience.

Head executive Bill Shine said, "Fox News never agreed to allow the Cincinnati Tea Party organizers to use Sean Hannity's television program to profit from broadcasting his show from the event."

“We asked him to come back to New York once I realized the seriousness of what’s was going on there,” said Shine. “The Tea Party people were literally selling better seats of the program” based on the Hannity show. “That crossed the line, yeah. We told him to come back home.”

Bet you dollars to donuts that it was Rupert Murdoch's order that got carried out super pronto.